Behm Family Funeral Homes has been serving Madison and Geneva area families for years. We are honored to be a part of the rich history of this community and plan to be a part of it for many years to come.

In 1898, Walter C. and Alta E. Behm operated a furniture store on Main Street in Madison and began their funeral business in 1906. At this time embalming, visitation and the funeral were done in the family home. Walter and Alta moved the funeral business to the present Madison location, 26 River Street, Madison in 1937 after purchasing the home of Dr. Quayle.

When Thomas Stanton was 11 years old and attending Madison Schools, he always stopped by the funeral home to see if there was anything he could do. He eventually became our dedicated embalmer and funeral director and was with us from the 1920's until the early 1970's. It is noteworthy that Alta Behm was also an embalmer though she was called a "Lady Assistant."

Walter and Alta's son Wilford N. Behm joined the family business in 1940 after his graduation from Cleveland College of Embalming and Funeral Directing. His wife Martha E. (Betty) joined the family business after their marriage in 1941. Betty continued to run the business after Wilford's untimely death at age 41 in 1961.

It is significant that Walter, Alta, Wilford and Betty, with Thomas Stanton's assistance, built and operated the business on the highest level of standards and values which have carried on throughout the years.

Wilford and Betty's son Michael joined the firm as a Licensed Embalmer/ Funeral Director in 1968 after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. He managed Memorials by Behm, our monument business in Geneva, Ohio for over 30 years.

Wilford and Betty's son Timothy became a Licensed Funeral Director and took over the funeral home operations in 1978. Timothy purchased the former Belding Webster Funeral Home in Geneva in 1985. Tim's wife Jeanette, is a Licensed Funeral Director and Professional Clinical Counselor.

A third son, Ford, his wife Debbie and family moved to Geneva in 1991 while daughter Valerie moved here in 1992. Ford and Valerie became Licensed Funeral Directors in 1994. Wilford and Betty's daughter Marcine is a talented musician who lives in Euclid. In 2000, Ford and Debbie’s Son, Trevor, became the 4th generation Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. 

While the Behm Family has been immersed in values and service to the community they have made every effort to attain state-of-the-art quality services which is evidenced by their crematory (opened in 2003), one of a kind Behm Family Resource Center (opened in 2004), a special baby's room (opened in 2006) and other services such as our annual Community Candlelight Service of Remembrance which began in 2000.